Presentation Overview:

  • I was raised to be an entrepreneur

  • We miss opportunities to find these kids with entrepreneurial traits

  • As kids we have passions (these are crushed early)

  • Promote kidspassions

  • No-one says "Become an entrepreneur"

  • Teach kids to open a business instead of accepting government handouts

  • We teach out kids to go after really good jobs

  • Media says go for fame (become a model, singer, celebrity)

  • MBA programs do not teach kids to be entrepreneurs

  • Bipolar disorder is nicknamed the CEO disease

  • Entrepreneurs cheat! We don't do accounting, we hire accounting.

  • An entrepreneurs definition: "A person who organizes operates and assumes the risk for a business venture"

  • Hate the thought of having a job and love the thought of employing people.

  • Become an entrepreneur at a young age.

  • Buy low, sell hi. Don't sell to the poor people, sell to the rich kids.

  • Don't reveal your source

  • Manual labor sucks but recurring revenue is great

  • Make more money faster (10 dollars for 1 hour is better than 10 dollars for 5 hours)

  • Why not give your kids games to teach entrepreneur ship

  • Ensure that your kids never waste a penny

  • Allowances teach the wrong habbits, entrepreneurs will never get a regular paycheck

  • Always negotiate with your kids

  • 50% of money goes into a bank account (house account), 50% of money goes to whatever they want (toy account)

  • Get your kids a broker

  • Don't always read stories to your kids, have them read stories to you (Get them to talk)

  • Show kids what a bad employee is like and what a good employee is like (Point out bad / good customer service)

  • Do not medicate your kids for ADD unless it is impossible to live with!

Teach your kids:

  • Problem solving

  • To ask questions

  • To be creative

  • To lead others

  • To learn from mistakes

  • How to save money

  • To want to make Money

  • How to sell

  • To ask for help

  • Public speaking

  • To never give up

  • To see solutions

  • Rank entrepreneurship right up with Law and Medicine!

My view

Very inspiring stuff, When I do have kids I'll be instilling these values at a very early age. Love the idea of negotiating with my kid, everything is negotiable - it's something they should learn at a very early age.

About the presenter

Business Mentor. Business Coach. CEO Coach. Cameron Herold has taken 20 years experience operating some of the biggest business success stories in North America and turned it into a flourishing career as both a motivational speaker and management consultant. Cameron is a business coach and mentor to several small businesses, and a CEO coach to large corporations throughout Canada and the United States. There's no secret to his business success; Cameron loves helping entrepreneurs make their dreams come true.

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