Fantastic news, I got married in March to a wonderful woman.

She’s incredible on many fronts. Not only can she take my organs and sell them on the black market if we ever end up in financial bother, she can also kick my ass in Words with Friends (Friends often turn to enemies when she plays)

Jonathan & Kisu in the Garden of Dreams

We had a wonderful traditional Newari ceremony at Newa Chen, I really cannot recommend this place enough. Fantastic lodgings, food, great service and they really rolled out the red carpet for each of our guests. If you’re ever in Kathmandu, book rooms way in advance, totally worth it.

We spent the rest of the 2 weeks filling out visa applications for our Australian permenant residency. Stress levels were elevated, flights were delayed and nails we’re bitten to nubs.

We received the good news though at the top of Raniban Retreat while watching a spectacular sunrise over Pokhara. We had the place all to ourselves, not a single other guest for miles around. Jealous much?

Jonathan & Kisu at the Raniban Retreat