Those who know me understand that I’ve been in a funk the past few months.

After getting married in Nepal, my wife and I returned to Ireland to have one heck of a party. 1 month later my father died.

It’s been tremendously difficult coming to grips with his death. Being away from my family in Ireland is probably prolonging the grief that I’ve been feeling the past 2 months. Constant reminders exist though I’m grateful to have the memories. He was an incredible man.

Throughout all of this my wife has been my rock. She’s been incredibly supportive and I am so thankful.

I’ve been finding it very difficult to concentrate, constant fatigue is now common.

I’m dreading the next couple of weeks, Christmas was always an important time in my family, a time for us all to gather in one place.

We decided this year to take a break, leave Sydney for a couple of weeks. Camping in Northern Queensland and travel down the coast. I’m hoping that this break will improve my mood. This funk needs to end.