I’m nervous. I’m writing this the day before I’m about to hand in my notice to my workplace. It’s a step that i need to take but one that I could never have contemplated making even one year ago.

Financially things have never been better in my household. We’ve had two salaries coming in to help out, saving some, squandering a lot. We’re comfortable, we take holidays, breaks, can buy the things we need and not stress the little things.

So why am I leaving my job? Well I’m going to start working on my business full time. What is my business? Well, I’m not too sure yet. I’m torn between two ideas, one which I believe is a viable business that can be immediately profitable, the other which has a feel good factor and may be a complete pipe dream.

So, this is the first day of my professional life as an entrepreneur. It’s something that I’ve wanted to focus on full time for a long time. Wish me luck.