#ConX Jobs - A new project

So I’ve taken on a new project called ConX. I’m assisting with their technical offering. It’s early days but it’s a promising venture.

Check out our site to find out more, www.conxjobs.com.

ConX is a project built by tradies and techies

As an individual tradie, we understand the pain and uncertainty of sourcing a consistent flow of work, week in, week out; we’ve been there.

As a contractor, we know only too well, the struggle to continuously find the right guys to deliver projects on budget, on time.

The solution became obvious: The industry needs a piece of smart technology that makes it easy to find available workers and source quality construction jobs anywhere in Australia.

And this is why we built ConX. It’s a job platform specifically for the construction industry and no one else. By collecting important information on skills, certifications and insurances upfront, it becomes quick and easy to get to work.

And the best part is, it’s 100% transparent. We are not an agency, or an expensive middleman, just another tool in your box. As a tradie, you get to keep all the dollars you earn, and as an employer, you set the rates and pay workers directly, reducing costs and increasing the bottom line.

We have jobs waiting to be filled, and we have tradies waiting to be hired, so get registered and get connected today.